Tutaykiri fue Revista del Colegio Profesional de Antropólogos de Lima entre los años 2009 y 2011, siendo su Director Walter Saavedra.

lunes, 24 de agosto de 2015

It is my life!

And what is that dark shadow I can see outside the door of my bedroom? Who is that man that hides himself inside the mirror that is in front of me? I am not that image I am seeing in the mirror, I am not! Oh, I am not that madman that people are talking about, I am not! I am only a simple white shadow that cannot look at my dark face that is smiling about myself, that is about me as always it is. Yes, I accept that I am, yes I am, only an poor old man that is eight hundred years now, and, I also accept that my thoughts are flying over the waves of my own not unhidden sea… I am not a wolf of the sea like my father was, I could not have been it at all because he wished for me a different destiny, and I am different, but I am just what he was.... Alas! I have lived so long time in this life that is not mine but my other one's life that is myself... Now I am thinking of the birds I saw flying over my childhood beach, and I am seeing them though I am far away from all beaches I know -or do not know- because I am forever just a dreamer, don't you know this perhaps…? Oh! I am feeling very blue because of this close persons who are at my side and are speaking Chinese, I don't know why... maybe because they are Chinese…? Oh! She is talking loud and my head is bothering me so much. She is leaving her place now. The world is calmed again for me... People are moving from this place to another place far away from here, it is annoying! I need to see nothing, but I cannot close my eyes. I do not want to see these people... Ah! I can close my eyes now, I can…! I am listening someone speaking upon paradise, what kind of paradise…? She says we need to make good face to life, why? Well, I agree… but I do not know where her paradise is... I need to rest. I want to be in the one thousand mirrors room, and I wish to see my face infinitely multiplied on many little shiny stars inside the mirrors. I need, oh I badly need, to imagine my life afterlife. I am going to... I am crazy now! I am locked in my own thoughts! I want to get out of here right now! Oh, all you inexistent people that are not speaking with me, please leave me alone, I need to get peace in my life. Better I go to hell, I will have peace there, maybe I will… yes it could be better than this life of mine... Jajaja jajaja.
East Elmhurst, New York, United States