Tutaykiri fue Revista del Colegio Profesional de Antropólogos de Lima entre los años 2009 y 2011, siendo su Director Walter Saavedra.

viernes, 31 de julio de 2015


He felt different in this kind of life he was living. He was walking among the multitude. He did not know such a different kind of people before his coming to this country. This country was still unknown for his eyes because he had only had disillusionments, all his life was full of deceptions. At that moment he only had sights for the town where he was born. His home town was in his mind all the time. He felt unhappy. “I am not from this century”, he was accustomed to say when he was a young student, and he continued saying it when he was working in the same town where he studied. Now –in that pass moment that were some years ago- he was living in another country, what could he say? He thought upon this idea for one moment. He left of thinking in some other things he had in mind. But then he said to himself: “I am not from this century, I am not from this country, and I am not at all from this kind of life I am living now.” He felt peaceful for a tiny moment. He looked at the people that were walking around him. No one was looking at him, but he felt their eyes on him. “What is happening to me? Am I crazy perhaps? They are not looking upon me. Each one has his own problems… This is not who I am, I have always been a different person, I am not who I am now.” He closed his eyes for a moment. He did not want to think about anything. Kept moving. “Where I go now? What can I do? Nothing is like I thought when I decided to come to this country. People talked me something different to what I am living for making me to come here. This is not the paradise people told me. Money does not fell down from trees. This is a horrible hell. Were they my friends? All they are living a great falsehood. They are only great pretenders. They are pretending that are happy and they are not. I am also a great lie. I am a very great pretender, just like all of them. I am buried in a life that is not mine. I want to go back to my home country. I cannot. My family needs the money I am sending every month. I am an illegal alien. I am suffering so much but my family thinks I am happy here. I cannot say to them the truth…  I am not free in the land of freedom!” And I know that he is not the only one feeling that way… Life is sometimes so different to our dreams…

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